At Ahimsa Vegan Foods, we are on a mission to make plant-based eating the easier choice.

At Ahimsa, we believe that convenient, delicious, plant-based food will empower us to make more sustainable choices every day. Food that tastes great and so easy, it's delivered to your door.  

Ahimsa meals are inspired by South and South-East Asian food we grew up enjoying and the food we discovered while travelling Asia.

All our meals are 100% Vegan, healthy and made with simple ingredients.

Our ingredients are sourced sustainably and responsibly. Each of our meals is prepared with love and care, to bring you the best from our kitchen to your table. ​

Whether you are vegan or not, we encourage you to try our meals — to discover a new world of plant-based food! Come along and take a trip to Asia with us!

Welcome to Ahimsa
Peace and compassion to all!